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Einstein’s Cosmic Messengers is a multimedia concert based on the search for gravitational waves.

“‘Einstein’s Cosmic Messengers’ is the result of exposing professional composer and video artist Andrea Centazzo to my narrative of the birth of astronomy and the great revolutions in our understanding of the cosmos,” says Vallisneri. “The performance includes evocative images, projected on a cinema screen, complemented by synchronized music played live on a vast array of percussive instruments, both acoustic and digital.”

The program is based on LIGO’s quest for the detection of gravitational waves—ripples in the fabric of space and time produced by violent events in the distant universe.”

Even more

I saw it being performed at the University of Glasgow last year. The presentation beforehand was very informative. The search for gravitational waves is fascinating!

(it could have used some power metal though, I mean come on, gamma ray bursts get power metal, gravitational waves deserve some too)

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